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The Hillcart tales offer


Magic Dusk

Sunset is perhaps the most beautiful time of the day; the darkened skies with hints of pink and orange are a sight to behold. The magic of sunsets are best experienced with a great viewing spot and a cup from this spellbinding combo in hand.

14 Tea Bags + 150 Grams

  • Price:   ₹ 1,370


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Tea Leaves from the finest Gardens

Infused with Age-old Secret Recipes

Preserved in Artisanal Packaging

Coaster pods imprinted with Handpicked Quotes

About This Combo

a) A brew that suits every occasion, Darjeeling Excelsior is a lively black tea with a sunset-yellow hue, lightly fragrant overtones and rich musky flavours. b)Celestial Chamomile makes for a relaxing bedtime partner, thanks to its deeply relaxing floral aroma and calming properties.

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