Winter Foods Infused with Tea

We are in the thick of winter, and the air is filled with anticipation and festivity. The year is coming to an end, but before that, there’s much celebrating to do. Indulging in extravagant food and drink is the norm in December. While there are the classics that cannot be missed, there are ways to […]

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A Gift Box for Every Relationship

A beautifully curated box of tea represents infinite possibilities, and many hours of enjoyment. Whether it’s a box of tisanes flavoured with the most unusual ingredients that remind you of a holiday spent many years ago, or a collection of the finest black teas that will transport you to the estates of Darjeeling, there’s something […]

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Best Tea Moments in Tinseltown

Some of the most memorable scenes in movies have been aided by a strong cup of tea. Here are the ones that have captured our hearts and our imaginations, over the years. Mary Poppins Mary Poppins (1964) takes tea time very seriously, and while there are several scenes that involve a pot of tea, the […]

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5 Unusual Ways to Put Tisanes to Good Use

Tisanes make for a wonderful alternative when you’re not in the mood for a caffeinated drink. They are delicious whether consumed hot or cold, and many come in bright colours that are an instant mood-lifter. However, there are several clever uses for tisanes besides its most obvious one, as a beverage. Here are a few […]

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Tea & Holiday Treats: A Festive Twist to Your Tea Routine

All across the world, the holidays bring with it treats that make this time of the year even more special. In India, whether it’s Christmas, or Diwali, the air is filled with a certain anticipation of the festivities that are about to begin. Although these celebrations are generally accompanied with alcohol, there are several dishes […]

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Tips for Hosting a Diwali Brunch

Diwali is around the corner, and while there are myriad social obligations to attend to, hosting a fun brunch is a good way to get into the swing of things. Having friends over for brunch offers flexibility in many ways – in terms of the duration of the brunch (do you want to linger over […]

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Teas for Every Hour: Night Time Teas

We have all been told some time in our lives that if we can’t sleep, we should drink a warm glass of milk. However, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Teas on the other hand, come in a variety of flavours, and contrary to popular belief, there are several zero or low caffeine […]

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Teas for Every Hour: Evening brews

Evening teas in an Indian context are often restricted to spiced tea or masala chai. Tea in most cultures forms the centre of conversation and camaraderie. In the Indian culture, tea forms the centre of everything from first dates to tête-à-têtes among friends and family members alike.As something that is so intrinsic to our culture […]

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Teas for Every Hour: Your Guide to Morning Tea

  This article is the first in the series of the Hillcart Tales’ guide to different teas for the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Below, we explore teas on a spectrum of flavour and caffeine content to compliment your breakfast. The next time you buy tea, think about it as a lifestyle choice rather than […]

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London’s Best Afternoon Teas

No trip to London can be complete without indulging in afternoon tea, an elaborate tea ritual that has been in vogue in Britain since the mid-19th century. It evolved as a mini meal to stem hunger between lunch and supper. Here’s where to indulge in this tradition on your next trip to London. The Ritz […]

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