The Pleasures of the Tea Gardens of the 18th Century

The 18th century saw the mushrooming of tea gardens in England, starting with London. These wonderful green spaces provided respite from the congested, polluted city spaces and provided an opportunity for socialising in the outdoors during the warmer months of the year. Although tea drinking became popular in England in the 17th century, it was […]

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London’s Best Afternoon Teas

No trip to London can be complete without indulging in afternoon tea, an elaborate tea ritual that has been in vogue in Britain since the mid-19th century. It evolved as a mini meal to stem hunger between lunch and supper. Here’s where to indulge in this tradition on your next trip to London. The Ritz […]

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From Afternoon to High Tea: Your Guide to Hosting Tea Parties

The British famously believe that a cup of tea can cure nearly everything. It comes as no surprise that their enthusiasm played a big role in fostering India’s passion for the humble brew. You can see it happen as the clock strikes five — all over India, life slows down because it’s time to enjoy […]

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