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Connoisseur’s Collection

For some, quality isn’t a choice. It is a way of life. For some, taste isn’t a matter of privilege, but of achievement. For them – the connoisseurs – this fine collection, is home.

42 Muslin Tea Bags

  • Price:   ₹ 2,500


In This Gift Box

The Celestial Chamomile infusion makes for a perfect bedtime partner, thanks to its deeply relaxing floral aroma and calming properties (1 box/ 14 tea bags). The Ebony Mélange is a collection of black teas ranging from aromatically strong to exotically light (1 box/ 14 tea bags). The Evergreen Mélange is a selection of some of our finest classic and flavoured green teas that will delight the tea-explorer in you (1 box/ 14 tea bags). We hope the Ambreen Enamel Tray will also be the perfect festive addition to your kitchen.

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