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The Hillcart tales offer


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Artisanes Collection

Tea is nothing short of art to us and with our tisanes, you can explore a whole new world of colours and flavours.

40 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 1,600

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Blissful Blends

As luxurious as tea can get. Enjoy some of our finest loose leaf teas.

225 Grams

₹ 3,500

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Classic Blends

Satiate your senses with a pleasant contrast of robust and light flavours.

20 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 800

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Connoisseur’s Collection

For some, quality isn’t a choice. It is a way of life. For them – the connoisseurs – this is home.

42 Tea Bags & Tray

₹ 2,500

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Eclectic Blends

Eclecticism is a boon awarded to the rare few and this collection is an ode to the beauty of taking the road less travelled

150 Grams

₹ 4,500

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Home Bliss

Enter your comfort zone with teas that remind you of home.

300 Grams

₹ 1,900

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Anniversaries deserve nothing less than our finest teas.

150 Grams

₹ 2,400

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Magic Dusk

The perfect way to end your day.

14 Tea Bags + 150 Grams

₹ 1,325

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Magical Milestones

Commemorate unforgettable moments with vivid, bright blends.

28 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 895

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Paradise Blends

Bright, radiant, brilliant teas to illuminate your tea experiences.

75 Grams

₹ 2,000

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Tea Party

Tisanes best enjoyed with great company.

28 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 895

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Tea Trove

Indulge in a magical orchard of fruity, sweet brews.

6 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 450

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Utopian Treasures

A cup of tea can be a journey unto itself, from reality to a utopia.

30 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 900

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