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The Hillcart tales offer


let your moods blossom with every sip offer for january 2020

Our Story

Hillcarttales story

Our Story

The Hillcart Tales, reflects the rich knowledge, understanding and appreciation towards tea which has been acquired over 120 years of perseverance and affinity towards the Camellia Sinensis leaf and its many behaviours. We are proud of our legacy and expertise in the art of blending and it is this inheritance which keeps our passion for tea alive in every cup of The Hillcart Tales.



At The Hillcart Tales, we seek to make you experience the wonder, beauty and enchantment in your tea cup, reminiscent to its unique provenance. We offer a delectable selection of teas across categories of Black Tea, Green Tea, Exotic Teas in the form of handcrafted muslin tea bags and loose leaves.

  • Black Teas
    Black Teas
    Stunningly rich and dark - if it's classics you crave, black is best.


  • Green Teas
    Green Teas
    Refreshing, herby and delicious – green tea delivers health with an indulgent brew.


  • Exotic Blends
    Exotic Blends
    These brews are our pride and joy and can become your new favourites.


  • Assorted Packs
    Assorted Packs
    If you crave a new favourite brew, pick up one of these to experiment.


  • Combo Packs
    Combo Packs
    Experience double the indulgence. Try something new with teas carefully curated for every occasion.


A cup of goodness, for everyone: 5 things to do with The Hillcart Tales’ Monocartons

Perhaps that is why there is more to just good tea -- each box of The Hillcart Tales covers the origami flower pods (single tea bags) and each part of the monocarton is reusable.

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A Tea Gift for Every Employee

As part of the Human Resources department in a company you have the unique job of ensuring that everyone else is doing their job well. Here’s a suggestion for the next time you’re looking to do something nice for them: gift them a little box of teas according to their personality!

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A corner inspired by Jasmine Pearl Green tea + A DIY Planter idea stolen from Hill Cart Road

Having grown up in the foothills of Darjeeling - staying right off Hill Cart Road where the most fragrant tea of the world grows - I have a relationship with tea like no other.

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