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Welcome to the journey of fine teas from around the world

Our Story

Hillcarttales story

Our Story

The Hillcart Tales, reflects the rich knowledge, understanding and appreciation towards tea which has been acquired over 120 years of perseverance and affinity towards the Camellia Sinensis leaf and its many behaviours. We are proud of our legacy and expertise in the art of blending and it is this inheritance which keeps our passion for tea alive in every cup of The Hillcart Tales.



At The Hillcart Tales, we seek to make you experience the wonder, beauty and enchantment in your tea cup, reminiscent to its unique provenance. We offer a delectable selection of teas across categories of Black Tea, Green Tea, Exotic Teas in the form of handcrafted muslin tea bags and loose leaves.

  • Black Teas
    Black Teas
    Stunningly rich and dark - if it's classics you crave, black is best.


  • Green Teas
    Green Teas
    Refreshing, herby and delicious – green tea delivers health with an indulgent brew.


  • Exotic Blends
    Exotic Blends
    These brews are our pride and joy and can become your new favourites.


  • Assorted Packs
    Assorted Packs
    If you crave a new favourite brew, pick up one of these to experiment.


A Tea-Inspired Valentine’s Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and nothing shows love and affection like cooking a well-thought out meal for your loved ones. While a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant is certainly nice, a homemade dinner, catered to the tastes of your loved one can really up the ante.

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The Story of Oolong Tea – A Tea Steeped in History and Tradition

Steeped in tradition and history, oolong tea generally has a reputation for being esoteric and sophisticated. With strong aromas, a glossy vibrant colour and a wide range of notes, you can find the right one for your palate.

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The Legacy of a Tea Set

Rather nervous about meeting the writer Khushwant Singh, my aunt pulled out her best china, a Shelley tea set, and laid out a spread for tea.

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The Pleasures of the Tea Gardens of the 18th Century

The concept of a tea garden was to encourage people to spend a few hours in the outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine, while indulging n tea and good company.

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A Tea for Every New Year Resolution

The New Year, with its promise of a healthier, happier you, signifies turning over a new leaf and kicking old habits. Although these changes may seem challenging, there are a few small steps that you can take to help you in the right direction.

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