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The Hillcart tales offer


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Strawberry Lime

Sweet, fragrant taste of strawberries infused with citrusy notes of limes.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 425

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Tea Party

Tisanes best enjoyed with great company.

28 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 850

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Tiramisu Delight

An Italian-inspired velvety smooth brew infused with rosehip and cinnamon.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 450

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Travel Diaries

Indulge your inner globetrotter with internationally acclaimed teas.

14 Tea Bags + 75 Grams

₹ 990

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Exotic Mélange

An assortment of dessert teas and hot/cold tisanes with a mellow piquancy.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 430

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Evergreen Mélange

Assorted collection of fine green teas holding a stout structure.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 295

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Ebony Mélange

A collection of strong, vigorous and full-bodied black teas.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

₹ 255

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