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Ebony Mélange

Ebony Mélange is a collection of strong, vigorous and full-bodied black teas. The robust flavours come together in rich savoury characters and deep undertones. Satisfyingly delicious, teas in this assortment are best enjoyed with rich accompaniments or make for a perfect cup on their own. Ebony Mélange is an assorted pack containing various exquisite tea blends from our black tea collection.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

  • Price:   ₹ 295


Goes Best With

Mystical Assam, Rwandan Select, Darjeeling Muscatel and English Breakfast savoured as a light brew with milk and sugar as per taste. Imperial Earl Grey, Dark Limon and Mango Dolce best enjoyed on its own.


Mystical Assam (2N), Darjeeling Muscatel (2N), English Breakfast (2N), Imperial Earl Grey (2N), Dark Limon (2N), Rwandan Select (2N), Mango Dolce (2N)

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