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The Hillcart tales offer


Classic Blends

A pleasant contrast of robust and light teas, these brews are sure to satiate your senses. Unlock this uniquely packaged gift box to unveil the wondrous blends within.

20 Muslin Tea Bags

  • Price:   ₹ 1,349


In This Gift Box

Intense flavours of mint blend beautifully with the mellow astringency of green tea in our Magical Mint brew. The mint gives this tea a uniquely rich feel after every sip (5 tea bags). A fusion of Assam tea anchored in cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, Spice Carnival blends into a dense, spicy-sweet brew. Savour this rich tea with milk and sugar (5 tea bags). Dark Limón is a fine black tea blended with the flavour of vibrantly fresh lemons. Once brewed, it gives a warm aroma, a generous flavour, and a rich mouthfeel (5 tea bags). Infused with the therapeutic basil, also known as tulsi, our Indian Holy Basil green tea soothes and heals from the inside out (5 tea bags).

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