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Bed Time Tales

End your day the way you started it –with a cup of tea. Lull yourself to sleep with the soothing Celestial Chamomile and Jasmine Pearl teas, blends whose calming properties are sure to give you a good night’s rest.

14 Tea Bags + 75 Grams

  • Price:   ₹ 2,180


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Tea Leaves from the finest Gardens

Infused with Age-old Secret Recipes

Preserved in Artisanal Packaging

Coaster pods imprinted with Handpicked Quotes

About This Combo

Strongly floral, almost buttery with a hint of piquancy in the finish, Celestial Chamomile is intense yet soothing. Thanks to its caffeine-free nature and relaxing properties, this tea makes for a perfect tea to drink before bed.Jasmine Pearls is infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms and hand-rolled into pellets, which release a floral flavour, along with jasmine's signature sweet scent. Enhancing the light, subtle flavour of the leaves, this tea brews into a golden liquor with a calming fragrance.

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