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Sit back, relax, and sip your stress away with the mild, mellow yet refreshing Indian Holy Basil and Honey Limón teas. Fortified with therapeutic ingredients that have healing properties, this combo soothes and detoxifies your mind and body.

28 Muslin Tea Bags

  • Price:   ₹ 630


About This Combo

A harmony of nuanced flavours come together in Honey Limón. Infused with the refreshing flavours of lemon and honey, the natural properties of honey make this tea soothing and the zesty flavours of lemon gives this blend a refreshing twist.Indian Holy Basil is a delicate green tea blend infused with tulsi, also known as holy basil.With an uplifting aroma and refreshing taste,the Ayurvedic properties of tulsi promote calmness and help lower the body’s heat levels.

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