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Evergreen Mélange

Evergreen Mélange is a rich assorted collection of fine green teas holding a stout structure with mellow piquancy. With a full-bodied taste and heady aroma, this assortment is best enjoyed with rich accompaniments or make for a perfectly rich cup on their own after a satisfying meal. This is an assorted pack containing various exquisite blends from our green tea collection.

14 Muslin Tea Bags

  • Price:   ₹ 485


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Tea Leaves from the finest Gardens

Infused with Age-old Secret Recipes

Preserved in Artisanal Packaging

Coaster pods imprinted with Handpicked Quotes

Goes Best With

Emerald Green, Honey Limon, Indian Holy Basil, Magical Mint savoured as a light brew, no milk and sugar.


Honey Limon (5N), Emerald Green (4N), Indian Holy Basil (3N), Magical Mint (2N)