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Paradise Blends

Finding paradise has never been more exquisite. With delicate teas encased carefully in special glass jars, these blends will help you create your personal nirvana no matter where you are.

75 Grams (37 Cups)

  • Price:   ₹ 1,999


In This Gift Box

Our Oriental Oolong is prized for its meticulous preparations. It is brewed best without milk or sugar, to let the oolong’s naturally sweet honey finish shine through (20 gms). Our Silver Linings white tea is as luxurious as tea can get. It yields a refined brew, rich yet refreshing on the palate with a barely-there, pale yellow colour (20 gms). One of the most precious jewels in our collection, Jasmine Pearl uplifts with its hand-rolled pellets of jasmine essence infused into premium green tea (20 gms). A brew that suits every occasion, Darjeeling Excelsior is a lively black tea with a sunset-yellow hue, lightly fragrant overtones and rich musky flavours (20 gms).

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