As part of the Human Resources department in a company you have the unique job of ensuring that everyone else is doing their job well. You are responsible for employee wellbeing and the company morale. To ensure that the atmosphere at work is healthy and collaborative and that employees are performing to the best of their abilities, you need to be attentive to them. You need to not only listen to their grievances and address their concerns but also get to know each of them individually, gain an insight into their different personalities and understand what it takes to increase their productivity.

Here’s a suggestion for the next time you’re looking to do something nice for them: gift them a little box of teas according to their personality!

1. The Anxious Worker

Anxious workers are great workers except they don’t think so. They are constantly worried that they wont meet their deadlines, that their work isn’t as good as their peers, that their team managers won’t notice them or worse that they may lose their jobs. All these fears mean that these employees are very insecure but it also means that they are likely to work twice as hard as others.

Sit the anxious worker down for a chat. Offer them a cup of our gentle and calming Celestial Chamomile and understand what lies at the bottom of their anxiety.

2. The Incredibly Energetic Go-Getter

This employee is one great fireball of energy and they bring this fantastic get-up-and-go attitude to all their projects, meetings and ideas. Which is usually a good thing except when it makes them impatient and impulsive decision makers. It is important that their energy is harnessed in the right direction and channeled towards essential goals, a job that may sometimes fall on the very responsible shoulders of HR.

May we recommend, our delicious Jasmine Pearl? It is a soothingly aromatic green tea and the perfect moderating influence for your immensely likeable yet bordering on hyper, Go-Getter.

3. The Compulsive Stress-Eater

The easiest way to identify the stress-eater of an office is to walk by people’s desks with a quick peek at their bins. The stress-eater’s bin may have an empty pack of chips, cookie crumbs, an empty pizza box, a chocolate wrapper or something equally calorific to indicate that this is where the most junk food in the office is consumed. As HR, you feel responsible for the mental and physical health of the employees. So the compulsive stress-eater is a worrying one for you. Start by gifting them a box of delicious, yet healthy, dessert teas. Try the Apple Strudel with its sumptuous, creamy aftertaste or the delectable cinnamon infused Tiramisu Delight. Convince the stress-eater, that the next time they want a high-caloried treat, to try a dessert tea instead.

4. The Laid-Back Employee

There’s one such employee in every office: super smart, super talented and yet, super laid-back. This one’s usually a last minute-worker. They aren’t very big on planning ahead and being organized. They prefer to take things as they come. Their ideas may be top-notch but they can be a little too relaxed about executing them.

How then to motivate them? Inspiring the laid-back worker is a delicate job and perhaps you can do with the help of our positively revitalizing Assam Ambrosia. Offer them this brisk, malt-flavoured black tea along with an honest talk – there isn’t a more invigorating way to begin the day.

4. The Introvert

The Introverts don’t talk much. Not because they don’t like to but often because it makes them anxious. Making small talk at teatime or mingling after work can be hard for them. They may often be found eating their lunch at their desks, preferring to keep to themselves and get on with their work.

But it is important to draw the introverts out. To get them to speak up for themselves and for any ideas they may believe in.

Invite them for a soothing cup of our mellow Honey Limón green tea and have a little chat. They may be hesitant at first but help them open up. One on one, they may have a lot to share. Talking about things will make them feel lighter and, who knows, may be even improve their productivity!


There are many more kinds of employees in the office and there are many more fabulous teas in our gifting section. Spend some time browsing to find the perfect tea for each personality.