Often characterised as ‘silky’ or ‘sweet’ because of its wonderful mild taste, every tea lover must add white tea to their collection.

Drinking a great cup of perfectly brewed tea is one of the noblest pleasures of life.  Black, Tisane, Green, for a tea aficionado, the choices are limitless and vary as per mood, season and preference. But there’s one distinct kind of tea, sought out by those who fancy something extraordinary: White Tea.

What is White Tea?

All tea comes from the same plant, Camilla sinensis, which is a tea bush. The fate of a tea leaf after it is plucked decides whether it is going to be transformed into a black, oolong, or green tea. The deciding factor is the tea-making process.


Then, What Makes White Tea Special?

Two words: Minimally processed. White tea leaves are plucked before the tea plant’s leaves open fully, especially when the young buds are still capped with fine white hairs, thus the name “white tea”.  These buds and unfurled leaves are handpicked and then dried, so the white tea leaves don’t oxidise. This minimal processing method and low oxidation lead to the final product: white tea.

Is It Really White?

The white tea drink itself is not white or transparent but has a yellow or very pale yellow colour. Its flavour is mild as opposed to black and green tea. It also lacks the “grassy” aftertaste so often connected with green tea.

White Tea and Its Impact on Health

White tea originated in Fujian, China, in the 1700s and since then, Chinese tea drinkers have propagated the health benefits of white tea. But one of the biggest health benefits of white tea is its low or sometimes zero-caffeine content. On an average, a cup of it can contain anywhere from 15-20 mg caffeine compared to a Green tea which contains 30 mg of caffeine per cup.

Top 3 Benefits of White Tea are:

1. Helps reduce Chronic Inflammation

White tea is loaded with a type of compound called catechin which is the primary source of antioxidants for the body. Thus, drinking white tea daily helps reduce inflammation-related conditions such as arthritis, knee pain, migraine and also protects the body against damage from free radicals.

2. Safeguards your teeth from bacteria

Drinking white tea is also a great way to maintain oral health since it is a natural source of fluoride, which is known to reduce plaque formation by blocking the growth of bacteria. Studies have also proved that white tea is directly advocated with preventing or slowing down dental decay.

3. White Tea is a natural fat burner

Ingestion of tea rich in catechins leads to a reduction in body fat and research have shared conclusive data about it. Since White Tea is loaded with it, it’s an excellent way to kickstart the fat burning process. That’s why, it is safe to say that white tea and weight loss, goes hand in hand.

Drinking White Tea, The Right Way

White tea is a soothing and nourishing drink and thus, must be relished and sipped leisurely. Our very special Silver Linings White Tea is crafted from the freshest and rarest tea leaves, and is an amalgamation of a medium-bodied delicacy and complexity, extending a pure, delicate brew with a complex, sweet, lingering finish. And it is 100% caffeine-free.


The Art of Brewing and Pairing

When it comes to preparing the tea, avoid using boiling hot water as it will reduce the flavour and even the nutrients. To enjoy its flavour, simmer the water (just below boiling point), let it rest for 2 minutes and then pour onto the leaves. Unlike other options, pure White Tea leaves are very dense, so it’s best to use at least 2 tbsp. of leaves for a medium-sized cup of water.

A cup of white tea tastes perfect without sugar or milk, morning, evening or as your heart pleases. Since it’s a mild drink without a strong flavour, you can relish it with meals, such as breakfast. Keen to know how to pair your white tea?

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But for The Love of Caffeine!

A quick burst of energy is much sought-after and the best way to get that is caffeine, right? Wrong. Just as it’s high, the low of caffeine is nerve-wracking and extremely unhealthy for the mind and body. Especially for new moms, who rely upon coffee to get through the day, switching to white tea will not only be soothing but also invigorating. To know how it actually feels to wean from caffeine, Celebrity chef and new mom Chinu Vaze shares her struggle and how switching to Silver Linings White Tea gave her the much-needed relief from caffeine without the crash.

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This is today's conversation with my bestie who lives in HK Me: god coffee makes me feel so hot and hectic! Tasha: but it is hot and you are hectic! No, this post is not about unsupportive but rather funny friends. It's about my story of tea & coffee. I've become recently addicted to coffee due to the serious sleep deprivation that comes along in that delightful first year of motherhood. I have always been a hardcore tea person. Hot, milky masala chai was my thing till I decided milk was doing funny things to my digestion about ten years ago and ditched it. Then came a lot of black ginger tea and finally I switched to green tea not because of any perceived health-benefits but because I actually liked it! It was also much easier to just carry my trusty mini electric kettle and teabags on my travels (aah the good ol backpacking days). I basically started pounding the coffee around second month post partum which is ironic coz the smell of coffee made me super nauseous when I was pregnant. I was also wracked with guilt at the thought of the baby getting buzzed with caffeine and imagined all sorts of strange visions that involved babies who couldn't sleep all because of their caffeine junkie mothers. Anyway, coming to this beautiful and elegant tea Silver Linings by @thehillcarttales . Guess what! It's caffiene free! Bet you didn't know that many teas contain caffeine as well! It's also very rare white tea and does wonders for weight loss and is packed with anti-oxidants. I definitely don't feel hot and hectic (take that Tash!). I feel Zen and calm and yet ready for the day #TheHillcartTales #SilverLinings #MySummerDrink

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Ultimately, even though white tea is elegant and delicate, its strength lies in its subtle strength. That’s why making white tea a part of your life is a personal investment, which will lead to the alignment of the mind and body, with every sip.