For thousands of years, Yoga has been known to heal the mind and body of those who practice it as a way of life. Similarly, the practice of drinking tea dates back to thousands of years and has been known to hydrate the body, cure ailments and relax the mind. Oolong, white, green and black teas contain natural caffeine which helps reduce inflammation. They also improve metabolism, boost the immune system and provide a rich source of antioxidants. On this International Yoga Day, let’s learn how drinking tea can perk up your yoga practice.

What to Drink Before You Practice Yoga?

Oolong Tea is the perfect pick-me-up before you enter the class for an energising, powerful yoga session. Caffeinated tea without milk or sugar keeps your energy up as you move fluidly from one asana to another. Oolong tea, a hybrid of green and black tea, has been associated with weight loss, while some studies suggest that some compounds in Oolong tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease and mitigate high cholesterol. A rich, full-bodied Oolong tea to try is our Oriental Oolong which offers a distinctive naturally sweet flavour and aroma.

Here are a few other teas that complement your style of Yoga

  • For a session of hot yoga or yoga in the outdoors on a hot summer day, go for a cooling Mint Tea as it activates the cold-sensitive receptors of the body’s cells to create a mild cooling sensation.
  • Before a gentle and relaxing session of stretches and yoga poses, go for a calming cup of mild and caffeine-free Chamomile Tea. It helps the body relax without causing drowsiness.
  • The polyphenols in Green Tea are known to increase cognitive function, making it the go-to brew for deep meditation sessions.

What to Drink After Your Yoga Session?

What do you generally drink after an invigorating yoga session? An electrolyte soft drink or a protein shake? What if we tell you that tea is an excellent post-yoga health drink? In fact, some yoga studios serve spiced yogi teas after a class. You can make your cup of refreshing Yogi Tea at home with our Spice Carnival blend – a perfect symphony of black tea, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.


The low oxidation of tea provides a slow and steady release of a low dose of caffeine that helps you with a smooth transition between your restorative Yoga practice and the reality of daily life.

What to drink after an evening Yoga session?

After an evening Yoga session, a cup of soothing and healing Celestial Chamomile with its uplifting exotic floral scent will help relax your tensed nerves. Chamomile flowers are known to soothe muscle spasms and contain mood-boosting compounds that will extend your mental high when consumed in the form of tea. This makes it a perfect brew to be enjoyed before bedtime.

What to drink for those aches and pains?

Intense yoga practice or starting out after a long break can result in stiffness and soreness of muscles. Drinking Green tea is the perfect antidote to address those aches and pains. The anti-inflammatory properties present in our range of Green Teas – blended with raw honey and lemon; blueberries and aronia; Indian holy basil – relieve the tension built up in the muscles and relax them.


For your next Yoga workout, opt for some of these wholesome teas to restore your body and take mindful fitness to a new level.