This article is the second in the series of the Hillcart Tales’ guide to different teas for the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Below, we explore teas on a spectrum of flavour and caffeine content to sustain you through a sleepy afternoon.

The lunch hour on weekdays is a break that every employee looks forward to. However, getting back to work post-meals can be a challenge. On weekends we have the luxury of taking an afternoon nap and indulging in the pure bliss of relaxation. This very thought on a weekday is something we have to battle and triumphing seems close to impossible.

Have you ever wondered what kinds of teas you can drink in the afternoon? Drinking tea in the afternoon not only wards off the evil hand of sleep, it also helps with digestion and that post lunch dessert craving. Below is a list of teas that you could choose from to drink in the afternoon.

Battle the Afternoon Nap with Flavoured Black Teas

Do you find it tough to stay awake at work after a heavy lunch? Black tea is the perfect solution to this problem. You could go for Earl Grey which has a subtle aroma and taste. This is relatively high in caffeine content but just the right amount to wipe the sleep from your eyes. An alternative to this is Darjeeling tea, another classic that you can never go wrong with. You could brew the tea for a longer time to extract maximum flavour and caffeine from it for that much needed kick or energy.

If you’re not one for strong black teas, you could try a flavoured black teas to wake you up and make your palate happy. A mango flavoured black tea would be a great choice. The aroma from these teas would already start waking you up.

Complement High-Fat Indulgences with Oolong Tea

Do you often give into the temptation of ordering high-fat food? If the answer is yes, pairing Oolong teas with your meal is a culinary experience that is meant for you. As online food delivery makes it easier for us to enjoy our favourite dishes at work and home, pairing it with Oolong tea will bring out the maximum flavour.

Studies show that Oolong tea enhances the flavour of foods that are greasy in nature while simultaneously counteracting the fat content. It creates a milieu of flavours on your palate that cannot be achieved through food alone.

Turns out wine isn’t the only beverage that brings out the flavour of meats! When paired with Oolong tea, the umami taste of the meat is enhanced by the floral, mildly sweet and warm toasted nature of Oolong teas.

Experience the best of culinary arts right in your office or home by simply steeping a teabag for 3 to 5 minutes.

Swap the Dessert coursewith Low Calorie Dessert Tisanes

Craving sweet but worried it may affect your health or diet? We’ve all been there. Dessert tisanes are the post meal sweet treat that you have been looking for. Tisanes (pronounced ‘tee-zan’) are an infusion of herbs, leaves, roots and flowers. When blended right, your favourite sweet courses come to life in the form of dessert tisanes, available in flavours such as Apple Strudel, Lemon Cake, and the Italian dessert Tiramisu, to name a few. Low in calorie and caffeine, they’re essentially a guilt free dessert in a cup.

Soothe the Palate with Green Tea After Meals

Green tea has been associated with positive impacts on digestion for centuries in countries such as India and China. However, what most people don’t know is that the caffeine in green tea inhibits digestion unless there is a two-hour interval between the meal and the tea.

When had at proper intervals, the catechins in green tea prevent obesity by counteracting the absorption of calories and hinder weight gain. Green tea contains antioxidants which catalyses the elimination of waste from our bodies. It also provides us with nutrients such as vitamins B, C and E ameliorating our overall health.

Taiwan green tea, with a flavour profile of sweet and savoury notes is an exquisite choice for a post lunch tea. This light green brew owes its refreshing sweet aftertaste to a longer oxidisation period.

Herb-infused green teas such as mint and holy basil flavours can also be rejuvenating with its healing benefits. The richness of antioxidants in both the herbs helps aid digestion. Holy Basil, also known as tulsi, is actually from the mint family. Their refreshing taste is complemented with an aroma that is both stimulating and calming – an ideal brew to reduce stress at work.

With afternoon tea, the focus is on ploughing through your work day. Whether the aim is to take care of your health, to satiate your desire for sweet, enhance your food or simply to keep you awake, afternoon tea is your personal super hero. Evening tea on the other hand is more about conversation and socialising. We venture beyond the quintessential masala chai with gourmet teas that will transform your tea drinking experience in our next article.