Deeply succulent and with a unique hue of red, this season blood orange will find quench your thirst in the most unexpected way.

Summer is a great time to savour fruits but few match the expectation of soothing the eyes and taste buds like Blood Orange. This uniquely distinctive fruit stands apart from other citrus equals, in more ways than one. That’s why you will find yourself loving and relishing blood oranges this summer, a little more than usual, but nevertheless for all the right reasons.

Extraordinarily eye-catching due to their deep red flesh and a beautiful orange blush, blood oranges are a wonderful combination of piquant, tart and sweet. Originating from Italy, the copiousness of this fruit makes it a darling of chefs worldwide who use it for creating mouth-watering desserts, sauces and drinks. And in case you were wondering about its unique red colour, it’s due to the presence of anthocyanins, which are compounds that give many other fruits and vegetables their red, blue or purple colours, as well.

So Much More Than a Regular Orange

One may say that blood oranges are the adventuresome option to the regular oranges. Smaller than the ones usually found in the market, blood oranges have a dramatic scarlet flesh and are less acidic than other citrus varieties. They also have a notable floral aroma and a sweet flavour that owns hints of raspberry. Not surprisingly also, due to its refreshing nature, they make an idea ingredient for a perfect summer drink. But just like everything precious in life, blood oranges experience a short season and can be found in local markets from January to June only.

Seeking Out Blood Oranges? Your Health Will Thank You

This citrus fruit has many solid health benefits and will boost your health in numerous ways.

A Powerhouse of Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Primarily due to the concentrated presence of anthocyanins, blood oranges are bound with nutrients, especially Vitamin C and antioxidants. Consuming blood oranges daily will protect your body from the effect of daily pollution, smoke, dust, stress and UV radiation, so perhaps its best to stock up.

Excellent for Keeping Blood Pressure Under Control

Blood oranges are a dense source of potassium and when consumed regularly, will keep blood pressure in check. Simply because potassium helps the walls of your blood vessels to relax or loosen up.

Great for Weight Loss

One medium-sized blood orange contains around 65 calories compared to a protein bar which is around 140 calories. So, if you are keen to lose some weight without compromising on your sweet tooth, blood oranges are a great alternative. And like all citrus fruits, they contain 70% water so it’s perfect for deep cellular hydration as well.

Blood Oranges, In Your Glass?

The question arises, what’s even greater than the most perfect blood orange? The freshness of the glorious fruit, in the form of Tisane. Our Blood Orange tisane is brimming with the essence of the summer and makes for a perfect hot or cold brew. Here’s the missing piece though: It is the most delightful when savoured as a light brew without sugar or milk.

Here Are 3 Perfect Summer Cocktail Recipe Videos

  1. Blood Orange Sunset

Just like the name suggests, this drink is a sight for sore eyes and a tired body. Perfect for an evening rendezvous with friends or a special company. In case you are a proud teetotaller, this brew tastes identically good without liquor.

Watch the video recipe below:

2. Blood Orange Mojito

Balmy summer evenings or idyllic afternoon, this mojito will etch memories in your mind of the times spent with your mates. The most perfect drink for house parties or cosy get-togethers, get ready to shine the spotlight on your inner bartender.  Btw, you can simply exclude the rum to enjoy this drink as a soothing mocktail.

Watch the recipe video below:

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Blood Orange Mojito Recipe 🍹 ・・・ Deeba Rajpal: “When the flavour notes and packaging have you absolutely mesmerised, it's time to celebrate good things in life. Loved making this video with Blood Orange Tisane. You just HAVE to experience the product and packaging. The attention to detail right from the box, to the individual pouch which opens beautifully to release a muslin tea bag, then magically transforms into a coaster. Yet, that's not all. The coaster holds a beautiful quote, and finally the brew really uplifts the spirits. As I said, it'a like a little journey in itself, one that is pure joy! Easy to make as a cocktail or mocktail {skip the rum}, it's all you want to serve in pretty stem glasses at your next gathering.” . . . . #TheHillcartTales #BloodOrange #Teacocktail #tearecipe #tisane #chai #teatime #party #mumbai #bangalore #newdelhi #kolkata #foodie

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3. Japanese Summer

Only two ingredients are plenty to create the magic of the Japanese Summer. Whether you like to contemplate about life or just destress after a long day, this drink will enhance the moments of silence that you nurture and crave. Enjoy it’s perfection with every sip.

Here’s what the drink looks like

One of the most remarkable fruits, Blood Oranges are irresistible  because the beauty of Blood Orange as fruit and tisane lies in its simplicity. Powerful yet delicate in flavour, this fruit offers many facets for a complex admirer who is not only adventurous but loves looking for the unobvious. This summer, get friendly with Blood Orange before it bids adieu only to leave a lingering desire, for which you will always have the tisane.